We met this boy outside Sydney Central railway station. He had just arrived in town from the country to start a new life and find a job. We asked him if he would like to make some quick money to do a shoot with us. He said no at first but after a long-talk over coffee he said, Yes.

Think he needed the money. Luke R. left school last year and this year he is on AAB. He has an outgoing exuberant and full of life personality. His hairless, naturally smooth, youthful body with milky skin is a real turn on. His country boy friendly attitude and charm complements his body adding to his attraction.

From this slim body, hangs a unproportionally large Uncut Cock. that got hard – instantly. When it blew it violently spurted upwards, against gravity, for almost a meter/3 feet. . . Impressive ! He told us he pulls off about 3 times a day and is always thinking about sex. You will find Luke super-hot, in all respects.