Make $500 to $1500 a shoot

Bi / Gay / Straight guys - equally welcome

Once we receive your application, we will consider you for a casual info meeting where we go over shoot details and options. If we are interested in doing a shoot with you, we will chat with you privately, directly after the general meeting.

We have frequent meetings and shoots in Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney and Zoom meeting with applicants in other parts of Australia. If selected to shoot we may fly you to the Gold Coast, for the shoot.

If you have a friend that you think would be good for this refer them here.

Guys that have their own cam site find modelling on AAB, boosts traffic to their site, significantly.

Austin - 28th Dec 19 - Sydney
I felt slighlty nervous before the shoot, but during it I felt very comfortable. I did the shoot for the money and I would definatley do another shoot with Surfside..

Max - 5th Dec 19 - Sydney
Very exciting shoot had a good day with James, treated me well and was a lot of fun, would recommend to friends.

Noah - 23rd Dec 19 - Adelaide
lt felt very comforatble from the beginning. I was nervous at first but James made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

Chris - 3rd Nov 19 - Melbourne
Was very friendly and welcoming. Relaxed and gives personal space, that was very good, would recommend.

Lucas - 3rd Nov 19 - Sydney
Shooting was great, enjoyed was made proffessional. Done shoot for experince and payment. Consider doing another with Surfside, would recommend others use Surfside.

Julian - 10th Oct19 - Melbourne
The shoot was very good and very plesent. I felt a little bit stressed but friendly vibe made me relaxed. It was very professional shoot. Its a good way to make easy money

Leo - 14th Sep 19 - Woolongong
"The shoot was fun and the professionalism was excellent in my opinion. Before the shoot I felt nervous about was I would be doing, during I felt very comfortable and safe, after I feel glad that I did it. I did the shoot for money and the opportunity for further work. I would definitely do another shoot due to how fun it was.

Dylan - 15th Sep 19 - Perth
"James was really professional with the shoot. Set up was really professional with the set up. He was really good to work for. "

Alex - 14th Sep 19 - Sydney
"he experience was amazing, I was treated very well. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in becoming a model."

Kyle - 11th August 19 - Sydney
"It was awesome as usual I felt comfy all the time. Shoot was perfect and yeah I wait for the next shoot looking forward to it."

Dustin - 28th July 19 - Gold Coast
"Friendly staff, helped with all posing and help me feel more comfortable with shoots, flights to the Gold Coast and shoots on he beach were a good experience."

Dustin - 21st July 19 - Sydney
"At first was shy and timid but staff were welcoming and friendly to bring me out of my shell. very professional though out shoot and would definitely work with them again. certainly would recommend to other looking for an opportunity into the industry. "

Kyle - 10th July 19
"I do enjoyed a lot super friendly and polite. There was no stress at all, I felt good before and even better after! I would love to do a lot more Surfside always."

Brett - 23rd June 19
"Shoot went really well was nervous at first but felt very relaxed after the initial 10 mins. Felt very comfortable and ended up being fun and very easy. Would do more work. Great way to have fun and make money."

Kyle - 6th June 19
"Overall it was a good experience, very professional. a good life experience."

Just-in - 26 May 19
"First time doing this and was always relaxed and comfortable. Awesome shooting before and after and especially during. I would definitely do another shoot with Surfside."

Ryan - 19 May 19
"I really enjoyed it. The outdoor location was great and the weather made it even better. Felt comfortable with the shots and had fun indoors and outside. We got some good shots indoors with the lighting through the blinds and it all seemed fun and not forced."

Blake - 14 Apr 19
"Overall I enjoyed the shoot, I found to love to be in the spotlight, as a naturally anxious person, I was surprised at how easy going and flowing the whole experience was, I would definitely do a similar thing again perhaps not recommend to my friends as they are not as open minded as I am."

Trevor - 17 Apr 19
"I was more than happy with how my shoot went. It was very professional, fun and I was well looked after. I would be more than happy to do more shoots and I would definitely recommend this to others as I had such a good time."

Tony - Apr 2019
"The photographer was very easy going and easy to talk too, we got along well. He took excellent photos and made me feel very comfortable during the shoot"

Adam - Mar 2019
"Was nervous at first but got into the swing of it very quickly and enjoyed the shoot."

Ethan - Feb 2019
"I wanted to do this shoot to start doing adult type videos. I was very exicted before the shoot, felt good during the shoot and very happy at the end. Yes I recommend this experirence to others if its what they really want. It's very good conditions to do this kind of shoot."

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